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When I was 5 years old I had a blue notebook. I was also just getting interested in Linux at the time. I tried Linux Mint 11, and Linux Mint KDE, and Linux Mint 12. Those all inspired me to create an OS (Operating System) call JJX. Originally if some of you know that was the name for a while. The idea was focused around gears or and moving things and a good UI like Linux Mint KDE. So I put that in my blue notebook and kept it there. Later on, when the wohlf_craft scratch account was created I decided to make a group called JJX laboratories the logo and name were inspired by Apature laboratories from portal 2. It's ironic because JJX was an old thing and so was ApLabs. I figured out what copyright was soon after that and decided to create a new logo. I still have a really old copy of it and it's the same design as the one of the left of the screen (or top on mobile), but really ugly. And named it JJX. Now you might be asking what JJW meant, I meant nothing at all. I just liked the name of it lol. But later on, I learned to really code on codecademy and learned HTML and CSS. So I started making websites for people and renamed it WWW (With Wohlf_craft Websites) I know that's a pun. I didn't change the logo just the text. Also during the time, I used GIMP 8? I think it was. Then Marquise came along during 4th grade and joined the biz. We decided to make websites together and a Pokemon convention, (More later on.) The and I updated the logo to the previous design and called it JWX (Joshua Wohlford X) with the X being the ending letter of Linux, however, Marquise got mad and I renamed it JWMPX (Joshua Wohlford Marquise P. X), then I changed it back to JWX. So it was set, the logo and the name. So I started creating more Wohlf_craft projects under JWX and during that time frame, I also created the Prissy Paws website. Which has grown into chaos now. So then after 5th grade Marquise and Split he went to his new school and I did too. So he was leaning away from me. So we didn't part but didn't talk. We planned the pokemon convention during one summer and was working on the idea but because of our age restrictions, we couldn't do one until I was 14. So the idea failed. He also wanted to create a pokemon shop with cards merch and other pokemon items in Montgomery AL but that also didn't work. Good thing we reunited with him going to my school. We finally got to see each other again and go to the same school together. But he changed and I was too and we officially split. But during 7th grade, I finished v3 of Prissy Paws and started work on my first MC mod pack. During 8th grade, wohlf_craft streamed on twitch for the first time, and birth the 334nepkosca. I also tried making music but failed and will try again one day. So I decided to create a group with my friend Nepkosca and KIORO called JWG, Joshua P. Wohlford Group. I and KIORO also created TLTHNN (The Language That Has No Name.) later will it be completed. Subnatica Below Zero came out this year with a new vehicle called the Snow Fox. Soon a new Product will be based on that.

--Joshua P. Wohlford

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