The website go a refresh, the UI changed. Changed somethings to make it look more professional? I updated my packs. The logo Changed by the way, slight update. Some of the links are broken I will fix it. I had to switch to Glitch because Thimble is shutting down, but I kind of like this now. A new product teaser will be released soon and social medias for JWX. Also trying to update avatars and stuff, bear with me. I also made a Vanilla MC server, so if you want to join the community check out the discord.

-- Joshua P. Wohlford


Hey Y'all it's me Josh, we recently have updated our logos, and updated the website. I had to redo the code for each .html file! I started 2 weeks ago and am done!


-- Joshua P. Wohlford


Yes our logos have been updated! Yay! We will start giving out computer recommendations based on what you use a computer for. We give you the best recommendation for the computer that is right for you. We will find the cheapest price for the best one. We are not partnered with any companies with this. If you would like a computer recommendation please contact us in Info/Contact.
Info/Contact>Click on JWX support

Thats it for now Y'all!

-- Joshua P. Wohlford


*Post Deleted*

-- Joshua P. Wohlford


Today the JWX website is finnaly out of beta! Wew!

-- Joshua P. Wohlford

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